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It was a great pleasure to welcome you to the 37th International Cosmic Ray Conference.

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Closing ceremony: Recording and slides


Three organisations joined together to propose a Diversity Charter. In a first phase, diversity within the different signatories will be monitored. To simplify the task of monitoring for all partners involved, a survey has been made available to be filled out on a voluntary and anonymous basis by affiliated people and participants to the signatories.
More information see here.


The IUPAP C4 commission on Astroparticle Physics is seeking your advice to optimize the planning of forthcoming conferences of the ICRC series.

Feedback on the conference?

Anything about this ICRC we could easily improve for the remaining days? Please, let us know via the contact email.

#ICRC2021 on social media

There will not be any official social media account of the conference
but we will all be ambassadors of the conference using our own facebook, instagram and twitter accounts and the hashtag #ICRC2021.

You are invited to post comments, info about your contribution, maybe also a video of your flash talk or whatever you want to share with other conference participants! When posting material, please respect the privacy rights of others and the rules of social media. You can also search for #ICRC2021 to find all relevant posts!

We are looking forward to reading and hearing from all of you! Don’t
forget to tag #ICRC2021 and perhaps #Berlin and #astroparticle.

Opening Ceremony: Recording and Slides are available

Pre-Opening: Recording and slides available

Introduction to our Conference Platform. Watch the recording and look at the slides.


How to upload media

After you replaced something in the container your contribution won’t be visible until it is approved. Then it will become visible again to all participants.

PDFs: Please upload the pdfs with an additional saving step. There is a litte bug, when uploading the video and the pdfs in one step (pdfs are not visible). We are working on this.

To upload your material, please go to your Conference Account under “My Contributions”. There you find a container for each of the contributions of which you are the speaker. Replace the prepared placeholder video, add a pdf file (e.g. your slides), and change the description if necessary.

Upload proceedings papers

Proceedings papers need to be uploaded at More information can be found here In each contribution container, you find the specific link to the proceedings article.

Where to find a contribution or session

About ICRC

A general overview of the online ICRC 2021 is given on our public main page where you also find the Q&A section:

Yours Sincerely, Johannes Knapp Chair of the Local Organising Committee